2015 Bar S Arena Rate Schedule

Bar S Arena rate schedule. New rates effective 12/27/2014.

Beginners & Spectators Welcome at Bar S Arena events.

Ranch Sorting Practice- Sunday, 2-4 p.m., arena sorting 4-5 p.m.

$25-rider/day, over 12 years. $15/rider, 12 years & younger.

Rent a horse for practice–$25/day plus practice fee.

No practice show weekends.

Rider and/or Horse Tune Ups Available With Jim Sykes, $50/HR.

Riding Lessons with Bar S Horse, $40 per Hour

Lessons with Cattle and/or Your Horse, 1 RIDER-$50 per Hour, 2 riders-$80/hr., 3 riders-$100/hr.

Horse boarding: Month/$350, Week/$100, Day/$20 includes feed & hay.

Horse boarding: Day/$15 with customer feed & hay.

Training: $650/Month, $175/Week includes feed & hay.

Arena riding time–$20/hr./1 horse 1/rider plus $10/hr. for each additional horse.

Arena rental rate: contact us for fee.

Contact Us here, Call: 972-636-1422 or Email: sykes@barsarena.com

Sorting & Gentle, Kid Riding Horses for Sale.

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