Recent Visitors to Bar S Arena

UPDATE, July 2017: 

We received this note and sweet picture from the doctor recently:

“My granddaughter, whom you met competed in the regional Wisconsin State Fair this past weekend and, along with her horse Cash, brought home a blue ribbon for her riding competition. (Please see the attached photo.) She was thrilled and all four grandparents, her parents/siblings, and a bunch of cousins cheered her on. She and her brother both continue to talk about the time they were in Dallas and able to ride with you & work cattle!” 

dr form ut sw


We recently welcomed this Dr. from UT Southwestern and his lovely wife, plus their fun grandkids from Wisconsin to Bar S Arena.  It was their 1st time on cow horses. They helped work the cattle on horse back with us by sorting cows and moving the herd.

 Watch the video:


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