Sort ‘n’ Pen, 4 rider/team, Time Limit—90 Seconds, Warning at 60 Seconds.

This event is a combination of arena sorting & team penning. 3 head of cattle are to be cut from the herd & herded across the foul line in numerical order & driven into the pen which opens to the herd & is located in the middle of the arena at the opposite end from the herd. Once a cow has crossed the foul line, the foul line is dead for that cow & it can be brought from the herd at any time. Fastest time on the most cattle wins.

There will be a foul line at a designated distance (approx. 60 feet) from the cattle end of the arena. There will be a minimum of 10 head of cattle, numbered 1-9 & 0 and an option of 2 head without numbers (no tags) at the cattle end of the arena. 4 riders will be on the opposite side of the line from the cattle. The line judge will raise the flag when cattle are loosely bunched at the end of the arena. The line judge will drop the flag as the 1st horse reaches the foul line & the announcer will call the beginning cattle number & start the time clock. Example: Call is for cattle #2, Riders bring #2 across the line, then #3, then #4 and put them in the pen on the other end of the arena. The gate will be open to the herd end & centered in the arena. The cattle must cross the foul line in order (2 then 3 then4) without wrong cattle touching or crossing the foul line. If you get #2 out of the herd and it goes back across the line before you get #3 out, you can go back and get it but #3 must cross before #4. If cattle cross the foul line out of numerical order or any wrong numbered or no tag cow touches the line before the designated 3 head have crossed, it will be a no time. If the herd wanders across the line after you get your 3 cattle across, it is ok. Herd your cattle into the pen. Cattle must be completely in the pen & the head of the lead horse must enter the pen & the riders hand must be raised to stop the clock. Raising a riders hand with the horses head in the pen & any cow partially in the pen will result in a no time. Wrong cattle entering the pen will result in a no time. Running the cattle into the back fence of the pen due to running a horse all the way into the pen will result in a roughing the cattle no time. Loose cattle on the pen side of the herd when calling for time will not affect the run. You can pen 1, 2 or 3 head to receive a time. 3 head beats 2, 2 head beats 1. A time in the 1st go & the finals (2 goes) will beat a time in 1 go regardless of the number of cattle penned.