Learn the Ropes. Many thanks to all who helped make the Bar S Arena a place for friends to gather and enjoy riding and competing.

If you haven’t attended one of Bar S Arenas’ clinics, you are missing out!

Ranch Sorting Events and other events have been discontinued due to selling the property..

We’ve had over 300 riders attend. These all-day group clinics, start from the ground up, helping horse and rider feel at ease sorting & penning the cows. Jim and Zee start with the rules and basics of ranch sorting and/or team penning, move on to ground training and learning the instincts of the cows, and by the end of the day, everyone is riding in teams and working up a storm. Clinics are scheduled monthly. Call us with groups of 5 or more, and we will try to schedule for your convenience. More details below.

We will do clinics at our place or your place.

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No Clinics Available

Read cows, improve horse skills, rules and more.
1 Day – $100 per rider
2 Days – $175 per rider
15 Riders Max

Communicate with your horse, leg cues & more. Work on your horse/rider problems.
$100 per rider
10 Riders Max
Day Clinics available for 7 to 15 riders, $100/rider.

Safety first, catch, groom, saddle and ride. Nervous? Don’t worry, we can help.
Tired of riding in circles at lessons? We start riders with leg cues & more from the first ride.
We provide a gentle, well trained horse that will trail ride as well as team pen/sort.
$40 per hour, per rider.
$50 per hour with your horse and/or cattle.

(Riding lessons available on your horse for $50 per hour.)

1 horse.
$50 per hour, per rider.



Lori Wood – Ph: 972-562-4016